If rich people don’t pay us wages to

If rich people don’t pay us wages to create things how would there be any business?

Quite frankly your boss doesn’t pay you, the customer does. What the owner of a company or business does is take the agreed upon value that was payed by the customer for the service or product you create with your labor and gives you a small percentage in return, keeping the rest as their own profit based on the premise of their entitlement to it through investment. Any rational logical person can see that this is not at all fair. In comparison, that’s like watching you build a house and then charging you rent to live there simply because I owned the hammer you used. Sure, if the hammer was mine I should be entitled to compensation for any damage or wear incurred from using it, but that certainly wouldn’t justify my ownership of the entire product of your labor, that being the house itself.

But if my boss didn’t pay the bills, how would the business operate?

Again, the boss doesn’t pay the bills, you do, with the value generated by your labor. What the boss does is take the value generated by collective labor power, pays all the bills, gives a tiny percentage to the people who generated the value through their productive labor, and keeps the rest for his/her self as profit, based on his/her entitlement through investment and the collective enforcement of private property rights.

What would a business look like outside the confines of state enforced capitalist markets?

A co-op is the most likely business structure that would result from free market associations where people organize together within their own personal interests to create a product or service absent the state intervention on behalf of capital investment. Costs of operation, including the cost of materials, tools and any other necessary element that one could imagine, would be shared by everyone equally. In large corporations this generally already happens. If you’ve ever worked in a factory I’m sure you’ve heard the bosses justifying pay cuts or layoffs because they need to reinvest in new machines. They almost never use their own profit for reinvestment, which is ironically the basis for their entire premise of entitlement to the value generated by other peoples labor. The remaining sum that would generally be claimed as the owners profit would be divided evenly among the productive work force, most likely based roughly on the individual time and effort that is put forth by each worker, much like wages are now, only absent the unproductive leech that is taking a majority of the income based on their premise of entitlement.

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