The Bane Prison Speech (How It Should’ve Been)

I and the people beside me are here today to tell you that you are no longer just a number in a system, but you are free men.  Many of us have made some mistakes, and have some regrets, myself included, but we must no longer look at each other and point fingers as to who is to blame for this chaotic climate of death and despair which drives men to commit petty crimes and aggressions against their neighbors to fulfill their wants and needs. We must look forward to the future that we can build with our labor combined.  I truly believe that each and every one of you can achieve something great if only you were granted the means to do so, and that is what I am proposing to you today. The beginning of a new society free from the plagues of corporatism and poverty which restricted you from attaining a decent education and the means to satisfy your natural human desires. A society where each and every individual has a legitimate stake in the full product of their labor and the ability to better themselves with free access to information. I ask of you today to help us build that new world, so that our children’s children may enjoy life without ever knowing the horrors of these prison walls. So that they may look back at history and reflect about how petty and absolutely barbaric we were to allow these institutions  to run amok over our societies.

Forward to victory! Untill all are free!

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